How to Stop Being Negative

how to stop being negative

One of the things you can do to stop being negative is staying away from negative vampires.

There is so much going on in the world right now that drains our energy. We get influenced by all kinds of negativity and sometimes it becomes difficult to shake off. It’s easy to sulk into being negative when things aren’t going well.  Because when we have a certain perception of how the world should revolve around us and when that doesn’t happen, we go into crisis mode.

If you’re a negative person, it shows from head to toe. Your energy will ward off other people and will also have a negative impact on them. And nobody wants that. It’s easy to learn how to stop being negative, but to completely cut it off your life takes ages of experience. Thankfully, you can always start somewhere and climb up the ladder of positivity and self-improvement.


Why Am I So Negative?


Negativity is oftentimes derived from stress. If things aren’t going well with your job, you’re dealing with toxic relationships, you’re financially struggling, or you worry about where your life is headed, negativity comes in and consumes you.

Sometimes it’s genetic. Depression and anxiety can be passed down to generations, and those two things go hand in hand with negativity. If you’re a cynical thinker, always assuming that the worst is coming, it will. That’s why you need to understand the importance of guarding your thoughts. Thoughts turn into words and words turn into action.


How Negativity Affects You


Many times you are your own worst enemy. Once you make way for negativity, you allow it to take over your life. It clouds over your way of thinking to make important decisions for you, causing irreversible damage to your relationships, career, your perception of everything, and how you live your life. It alters your mental state, damages your spiritual well-being, and can physically damage your health.


How to Stop Being Negative


Here are some basic techniques to ward off negativity and allow positivity to enter your life.

Take a closer look into who you truly are. How you see yourself can be very different from how the world sees you. Try and look at yourself in the eyes of other people. Are you truly being yourself or are you hiding behind a mask?

Don’t waste energy by focusing on your negative traits and trying to put yourself down. All you’re doing is making yourself miserable. We improve and all make improvements but if we can’t love ourselves, we can’t expect anyone else to love us, too.

Focus on your good traits and remember that you are more than a physical reflection.


Stay away from energy vampires

Energy vampires use fear to emotionally influence you and take your personal energy as their own. They intimidate, manipulate, make you feel guilty, scared, embarrassed, depressed, or angry, and rob you of your energy to use it for their own gain.

If you find yourself near an energy vampire, it’s best to take a step back and reevaluate this relationship. Stop giving them the power to control and drain your energy. Remind yourself that you’re in control.


Stop blaming others

It’s easy to blame others when you’re going through a hard time. And sometimes it is their fault. But blaming others will not help you. It gives you additional negativity that can harm your mental health.

When you blame others, you give them the power to control you. If you make yourself the victim, you feel powerless and self-conscious. You’re admitting you have no control of anything.

Instead of depending your happiness on others, take it into your own hands where it truly belongs. Find something to be grateful for and ask yourself what you can learn.


Surround yourself in Light Energy 

Get into the habit of surrounding yourself in white light and meditating on love, guidance, and protection. It neutralizes the energy in your aura and raises your own vibration, making you more immune to negative energy.

To do this, picture yourself inside a bright light bulb and start visualizing angels hovering around you with their light radiating down upon you. You can also do this under a shower, as you imagine the water turning into white light.


Create a Blue Bubble

The Blue Bubble or Shield technique mentally surrounds you inside of a bubble or shield that protects you from negative energy. The color blue represents power, and the visualization of the bubble shield strengthens it. Put on your blue bubble every day to resist the negativity around you.

To test this, visualize a blue bubble surrounding you. Go out into a large crowd and observe if you’re still sensitive to their energy. If you feel you have blocked the negative sensations, you are using your bubble right. You can also protect other people with it. Put a bubble around someone you know and negative energy will not penetrate them.


Start a ritual

You can create your own personal ritual. Rituals welcome positive things to enter your life and also expel negative energy. They honor the past lessons you’ve learned, help you to you let go of anything that no longer serves you, and welcome what is to come. Give out all of your negative thoughts to the Universe to handle.

You can practice rituals in multiple ways. Here are some examples.

1. Use water to wash away any negative thoughts you’re holding on to. You can wash yourself in streams, the ocean, or just your regular sink or shower. Let the past drift away through the water.

2. Bury any item that serves as a negative reminder. Place anything you would like to get rid of inside a box, dig a hole, and mindfully cover it with the earth. Say your peace and put it to rest.

3. Write down everything you would like to let go of on a piece of paper. On a windy day, say your peace, then rip the paper into shreds and let it fly into the wind. You can also burn it.


Learn To Love yourself

The most important thing you can do to stop being negative is to learn to love yourself. You must truly know yourself to ditch negativity. When you love yourself, you won’t look elsewhere for validation or rely on others to make you happy. You’ll find that life is less of an obstacle course and you can easily cut off the cords of negativity.

If you need guidance on finding who you are, your true path, and how to take care of yourself, psychics have the answers you seek. If you’re confused, want to find clarity, and not sure what to do next, you can schedule a psychic reading to help you get back on a positive track.

When If you choose positivity, you will manifest happiness and clarity for yourself. Knowing how to stop being negative is an ongoing life lesson that you will learn to navigate once you get on the rig of what life has to offer. Whatever is handed to you, you can always choose how to respond.


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