Do You Have An Indigo Child?

indigo child

Give your indigo child freedom to develop and explore their skills while keeping them safe at a young age.

Parenting an indigo child is a privilege that no ordinary person can understand. In a world where everyone has forgotten their true soul, indigo children have come to bring light and enlightenment!

As an indigo child myself who was encouraged to develop my psychic gifts from a very young age, you will discover it to be a blessing to raise an indigo child.

If your child possesses special psychic abilities and has extraordinary talent compared to other children, chances are, you are parenting an Indigo Child!


What Is An Indigo Child?


An Indigo Child is a term for children who have psychic ability. Compared to other children, they are highly sensitive to other people’s feelings and are on a higher level of spiritual understanding right from the start!

Indigo Children have come to the planet with their own mission. They have come here to teach empowerment and love. As their parent, you are their partner in this mission to help them fulfill their mission.

By better understanding your indigo child, you are creating a relationship in a world where everybody is forced to be ordinary.


How To Recognize An Indigo Child


An indigo child usually shows signs from a very early age. If your child fits any of these descriptions, you are parenting an indigo child!


They possess an inner knowing

They have a higher Spiritual connection and realize that we are all interconnected as human beings. When you talk to them, it feels like you’re talking to an elder full of wisdom. They give free-flowing advice and have strong empathy for others.


They talk about planets and stars as if they have been there

At times they would talk about past memories from another lifetime as if they have been there. They talk about this like it’s a cherished memory and they will gladly share it with others. They seem like great storytellers, but they’re just telling you what they have already experienced.


They see angels and deceased relatives

Indigo children are known for their psychic gifts and clairvoyant abilities. They usually see spiritual beings from other dimensions and talk to them like they’re an old friend. Some call it an imaginary friend, but it’s actually a spiritual being they can see and talk to!


They see better ways of doing things

When they see old traditions, they usually get frustrated with the system and propose new methods of doing things. They are non-conformists and always reach for higher knowledge and consciousness.


They get sick easily

Since clairvoyants and intuitives are more susceptible to people’s physical and emotional energy, they can get sick quite often. They are also prone to having night terrors due to all the sounds and images in their heads coming from other realms.


They feel connected with the Universe

They find solace with Mother Nature and feel as if they’re in good hands with the Universe. They are also more spiritually attuned as if they know higher forces are guiding and protecting them.


How You Can Support An Indigo Child And Help Them Thrive


The sad reality with today’s world is, when teachers or other adults encounter indigo children, they immediately label them as a problem, expecting them to be like any other child, creating a hostile environment for these children to grow up in, potentially giving them additional problems in their adult life.

Instead of extinguishing their gifts, as a parent, you can help them thrive by accepting them for who they are by unconditionally loving and embracing their uniqueness, and encouraging them to flourish in a world that forces social norms.

Here is my psychic advice on how you can support your indigo child and helping them thrive:


1. Respect them and any psychic skills they develop, even though you may not understand these abilities. Allow them to be what they are without the need for criticism.

2. Be open to learning from them because a child can teach you a new perspective on life from their closer connection with the Spirit world. As the parent and an elder, you should also teach them the lessons you’ve learned in this lifetime.

3. Give them choices and the freedom to develop. Let them explore things on their own terms but keep them safe, especially at their young age. Give them the proper tools they need to learn with balanced supervision and safety precautions.

4. Give them an explanation for everything. If they ask why and somewhat question your authority, patiently explain why and tell them the truth. It’s best not to give them twisted versions of the truth.

5. Don’t manipulate them or use fear as a controlling tool because they will know if you’re trying to control them and will act out in rebellion even more. Don’t make them fear the outside world but help them connect with nature and higher spiritual forces.

6. Admit when you’ve made mistakes. When you mess up, it’s best to make amends immediately and not harbor any negative feelings because they will sense it.


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