Is He The One And How To know For Sure

is he the one

It’s really a beautiful thing to find out if he’s the one. The world can be complex and it’s nice to know that you have someone to face it with.

So, you’re going out with him and everything is going right. You feel like the stars are aligned for you and it’s all fireworks every time you see him. He says the right things, makes you feel loved in every way, and he just checks all the boxes in your dream guy list! Everything is coming together, and you’re almost convinced you found the one – but you don’t really know for sure.

Perhaps you have been hurt before and you’re afraid of falling for the wrong one again. Don’t worry, because feeling this way is common! Finding the right one can be difficult because it’s easy to connect with someone on a superficial level, but connecting with a person’s mind and spirit is an entirely different story.

If you have been with someone for a while and you’re wondering, “Is he the one?”, here are 10 signs to look for!


Signs He’s The One For You


1. Your values and beliefs align 

Having the same personal values and beliefs on spirituality, personal growth, family, relationships, and health, tell a lot about if you’re truly right for each other. You don’t necessarily have to agree on everything, but these things provide a foundation for your relationship to rely on.


2. You are both on the same page 

You both want the same things in life. He says he wants kids, a house by the hill, and a shared future together. He’s not afraid of talking about the future with you, wants you to be a part of everything in his life, and doesn’t see anything but you, in it.


3. You’re his priority 

Though he has a 9 to 5 job, he makes sure you’re safe, protected, and your needs are always met. He’s willing to leave his work early to accompany you to an event that’s important to you and will do what he can to get you what you need without question. He goes the extra mile just to make you happy and prove his love.


4. He respects your boundaries 

He gives you freedom without any restrictions and respects the time you need for yourself. He encourages you to do things without him. If you need some space he will respect your boundaries and will always welcome you with open arms whenever you need him.


5. You both have a healthy level of independence 

He trusts you and you trust him. You trust he won’t leave you for anyone else, and vice versa. He doesn’t put you down or talk you out of your commitments with other people. Disagreements and conflicts are common, but you both handle them maturely and resolve them without holding onto resentment.


6. He is dedicated to spiritual growth 

He is very dedicated to his personal growth and supports yours, too. He is very conscious of his life journey, whether he’s making the right choices, how he’s treating other people, and how he can make himself a better person. He truly understands you and puts you above himself.


7. He is proud of you 

He is very proud of you, your achievements, and how far you have come. He is more than happy to celebrate all your achievements on a personal level. He’s proud to show you off to his friends and family and isn’t afraid to brag about you to other people.


8. The truth is important to him 

Truth is a weighing factor that will tell if he is the one. If you can fully trust him with everything, the same way he trusts you, he’s a keeper! He is a very open and honest communicator who is willing to talk difficult things over with you. He’s also receptive to feedback and takes all of your opinions to heart.


9. He brings out the best in you 

You are alive and confident in his presence. Being with him opens you up to more possibilities and you feel like you can conquer the world with him. He makes you the best version of yourself and cares enough to help you achieve your dreams. He wants all things to work out since he plans to part of your future.


10. You’re his best friend 

You can just express all your thoughts and emotions to him without repercussions. He knows everything about you, and vice versa. You share so much together that you miss him when you’re apart. If you were best friends first, before you fell for him, that is a good basis for a strong relationship.


What if he’s not?


Even though there’s no direct way of knowing if he’s the one, you can always ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels for guidance and signs and you will have a good idea by how he treats you and brings out the best in you.

If you still have doubts if he’s truly the one, an Akashic Records reading can answer that for you. Your Akashic Records hold complete information about your love life, including all your soulmates, and your true twin flame. A love psychic is more than happy to access your Akashic Records and help you with your love life.

Be present at the moment with him. What matters is what’s happening right now at this very moment, not tomorrow or years from now. You don’t need to worry about whether he’ll love you or want to be with you forever. See him as the person he is today, not what could happen years from now because that is out of your control. Don’t be concerned about “forever”, but instead, enjoy this moment right now for what it is.

If you’re still unclear about your love life, consider taking time to find yourself, first. The Universe will grant you “the One” when the time is right and when you’re ready. Keep going and don’t lose faith. There isn’t just one right person for you. There will always be other (and better!) ones.

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