Discover Your Life Path Through Numerology!

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Your Life Path Number is an important indicator in your life and what major life challenges you may see along the way.

Do you always see the same number or do you find yourself drawn to a certain number? If so, that could be your Life Path number!

If you’re lost and have questions regarding your own existence and what to do with your life, numerology has the answers you’re looking for! Here’s how you can discover your Life Path number through numerology.


What is Numerology?


If you know what astrology is, then you might have an idea of what numerology is. Just a quick recap, numerology is a study of the vibrations of numbers. And the study of these numbers can then be used to help us better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.


How Numerology Can Help You


Numerology provides a lot of information about your life! It helps you discover insights about your identity, your purpose, and personality traits. It is a tool that can help you find your life purpose and uncover your true potential. Overall, it helps with your goals, how to plan your future, and gives you solid reassurance that you’re on the right path.

Your Life Path number is one of the most significant numbers in Numerology. It is your road map to your future and answers your deepest questions about life, such as why you exist in this world, what you’re meant to do, and what you’re truly good at as an individual, including your talents and skills. It even tells you how you can fulfill your true destiny.

Your Life Path number also tells what you need to learn within this lifetime. It reveals your strong points and weak points and can also help you find your soulmate! If you truly want to understand yourself more deeply, numerology explains it all through your Life Path number.


How To Find Your Life Path Number


To find your Life Path number, start with your birth date and simply follow these steps:

1. Write down your birthday in numerical form. For example, if your birthday is November 20, 1980, you should write it as 11-20-1980.

2. Add the numbers of your birth month together. So, 1+1 = 2.

3. Add the numbers of your birth date together. So, 2+0 = 2.

4. Add the numbers of your birth year together. So, 1+9+8+0 = 18. Reduce all double digit numbers to a single digit number. So, take the number 18 from the example, and the 1 and the 8 together. So, 1+8 = 9.

5. Now add all three numbers from your birth month, day, and year, together. So, 2+2+9 = 13. Reduce 13 again by adding the 1 and 3 together. So, 1+3 = 4.

6. In this example, your Life Path number would be 4!


Life Path Numbers Explained


Here’s what your Life Path number means!


Number 1

You are naturally born independent and you have the passion and energy to become a pioneer for a better world! You are very authentic and like being yourself. You adapt to new environments. Since you’re also a hard worker, you easily overcome challenges and bounce back quickly when life knocks you down.


Number 2

You are an intuitive companion, and desire to make deep connections with others. Your personality shines when you’re with other people and you relate to others well. With that, you will become successful through teamwork and partnership. You thrive on communication and commitment and will overcome challenges by becoming a helping hand.


Number 3

You are very creative and romantic! You have the passion to bring new creative ideas into the world, and with your imaginative mind and risk-taking skills, you will find success through creative activities that fill the needs of society. You will overcome challenges by thinking outside the box and using your talents to help inspire other people.


Number 4

As a hard worker, you like to build things from the ground up. You love getting your hands dirty, and aside from being reliable and responsible, you have the potential to be a great leader! You long to find stability and long-lasting results and will do what is necessary to establish yourself. You are very persistent, and you will find success through methods that work best for you.


Number 5

As an adventurous individual, you thrive on exploring the unknown, interacting with new people, and spreading new ideas. You embrace new environments and diversity, therefore you’re magnetic to a lot of people. You will find success through being an inspiration to others and expressing your truth. You are also very disciplined, and have the ability to do anything you set your mind to!


Number 6

You are very nurturing and compassionate, giving you the superb ability to help and serve others in the community. You thrive on being of service to other people and will find success through charitable causes. People often turn to you for a helping hand, or comfort. You have the ability to heal other people through your positive presence!


Number 7

You thrive on being independent and doing things yourself. You like spirituality and always find ways to learn new things and study philosophies. You recognize humanity’s need for purpose, and that’s where you’ll find success! You long for the mysteries of life and always offer a helping hand to those who are lost or in need of healing.


Number 8

As a competitive and driven individual, you long to succeed and achieve high goals. You long to lead and use your power in the world, therefore you will find success in meeting the economic or political needs of society. Financial success for you will be easy, since you are very ambitious.


Number 9

As a compassionate spirit, you will find success in helping others! You are a socially conscious dreamer who wants peace, not just for yourself, but for the entire world. You desire justice and fairness for all, and realize money alone will leave you unfulfilled. You long for greater things and seek healing for everybody in need.


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