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Reincarnation means that after you die, your soul gets reborn into another body.

Reincarnation is simple – you live, you die, and repeat. This means that your soul inhabits a body, leaves the body when it dies, then returns to Earth in a new physical form.

This belief may come as a surprise to some people, but the goal of reincarnation is not to remain in this repeated cycle forever. You start a new life, in order to strive to be better compared to what you were in your previous life – otherwise, you cannot escape this cycle.

This is the Hindu-Buddhist religious concept rebirth, where a soul moves from one body to another. Therefore, a good life will lead to a rebirth of a higher quality, but a bad life will lead to a rebirth of a lower-quality.


The Truth about Reincarnation


According to Plato, “The return to life is an actual fact, and it is a fact that the living is generated from the dead and that the souls of the dead exist.”​

Some may believe this concept, while some may not. But what is the truth to this?

There is a lot of credible research regarding this concept, which may surprise a lot of people, including scientists. Some research describes the phenomenon of young children who can recall their past lives. These cases were looked into to validate if the person that they remembered actually existed.

This research can be persuasive and the concept of rebirth looks bright. With all the credible research and proof of this, the return to life is pretty much a proven fact.


What happens after death?


People have different ideas about life after death: purgatory, heaven, hell, reincarnation, or nothing at all. There are beliefs that we have an immortal soul that continually lives on after we die. But is this true? Is there really a life after death? Would you know what happens when you die?

Death is indeed a very interesting process.


What really happens to you when you die


  • Death of your physical body

When it is already the end of your physical body, your soul will detach from your body. At this point, your soul may hear a lot of voices. These voices are from the thoughts of the individuals present in the room.

Your soul will then realize that you are dead and there’s no way you can go back. Your soul will float 12 feet from the ground and you will be able to see and hear what is happening around you. Your soul will float around your body until you are cremated or buried.

  • Detachment from your body

Once you are cremated, your soul will now know it has detached from your body and your soul will have complete freedom to travel anywhere. For 7 days, your soul will move to every place of interest.

You will see yourself going to different places you never have been to while you are alive. On the 7th day, your soul will completely say goodbye to your family and you will cross over to the other side.

  • Passing the Tunnel

It is said that there will be a big tunnel before you reach the astral plane. At the end of the tunnel, you will see a light which is the entry to the astral world.

  • Meeting your ancestors

On the 11nth and 12th day, Hindus have rituals and prayer so your soul will be united with your close friends, ancestors, relatives, and guides. All your ancestors will welcome you as you enter the astral world. Your soul will then go through a life review where your whole past life is viewed.

  • Your life review

During the life review, there will be no judge and no God. Your soul will judge yourself, the way you judged others in your lifetime.

You may ask revenge for some people you had trouble with, and you may also experience guilt from all the bad things you did to people.

This final judgment will be then the basis of your next lifetime. Based on this, your blue print will be created, which is your life structure while you are on earth.

  • Your blueprint

Your blueprint is the way you judge yourself.

  • Your rebirth

You may then choose your parents and enter your mother’s womb. Your place and time of birth constitute your horoscope, which is the blueprint of your life.

Once you are reborn, you as a baby will remember your past life for around 40 days. You may laugh and cry by yourself without anyone forcing you to. The memory of your past life will be completely cut after this and you will have a life as though you did not exist in the past.

Humans are spiritual beings that have eternal life and will reincarnate many times between the spiritual world and this world. You are not thrown into this world accidentally. You have a purpose and mission on this earth.

The spirit world is the true home of your soul and you will reincarnate over and over again, so you can experience life from different kinds of perspectives and cultivate yourself in different directions.

Reincarnation is quite complicated but the true essence of life is still to live your life to the fullest.

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