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Old souls are more philosophical and relaxed, that’s why they radiate peace, calmness, and great wisdom.

But what does it mean to be “old soul”? And how does a soul become “old”?

You like being alone.

You love learning and you are a deep thinker.

You don’t focus on what brings you temporary pleasure, but on what gives you happiness and fulfillment.

If you have any of these characteristics, chances are, you are an “old soul”.

Here the best psychic explains what it means to be an old soul.


What Is Old Soul?


An “old soul” refers to the age of your soul. And “soul age” refers to the level of your soul’s development.

It’s not just about how many lifetimes your soul has lived, but how much your soul has grown and developed.

An old soul is a spiritual person who is wise beyond their years who has reincarnated over many, many lifetimes, acquiring knowledge and wisdom from each of these past lives.

It doesn’t mean that you are “old”, but it does mean you have wisdom far more than what is expected for someone your age.


Old Soul Personality Traits


Here are some common traits and signs that indicate if you or someone you know is an old soul:

Old souls are calm and peaceful

They are not easily swayed or disturbed, even during a crisis. They don’t lose their head, but instead, focus on finding a solution to the problem.

They appreciate the quiet and prefer to live without stress.

They pursue peace.

They are very thoughtful

Old souls are deep thinkers and tend to think a lot about almost everything. This helps them learn quickly from their experiences.

They often reflect on how they can become better and how they can understand other people.

Old souls are not materialistic

They collect experiences instead of material things. They know that material things are very useful, but realize they are just tools to help them in their everyday life.

For an old soul, material things don’t hold any deep or special meaning.

They seek knowledge

Old souls love learning and know that knowledge is power. They prefer spending time learning new skills rather than wasting time on superficial things.

For example, they prefer reading books, rather than reading about celebrity news.

They like asking questions and seeking answers and always want to know more.

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They are empaths

Old souls can tune into other people’s feelings and emotions and feel them strongly because they are people of strong emotional stability.

An old soul believes that a person should feel and acknowledge their feelings because emotions make them stronger.

Aside from understanding other people’s feelings, old souls are also excellent listeners. They take time to listen and talk to other people.

They make good advisors, particularly to their friends because they are able to see deeper into things and give wise advice.

They like being with those who are older than them

Old souls usually make friends with people who are older than them. They find it fascinating to hear their stories and learning from their experiences.

They prefer staying at home instead of going out

Old souls love staying at home because they feel safe and secure there.

When alone, they don’t really feel lonely because they enjoy doing things like reading, or just relaxing.

They can find peace by themselves.

When they go out, they prefer to go someplace quiet and feel at peace when they are outdoors or in nature.

They are drawn to the countryside or somewhere close to nature because it helps them relax and reflect on their lives.

They try to avoid negativity

Old souls are great at seeing the positive side of things. They avoid negativity because they feel grateful for all the good things that are happening around them.

Old souls appreciate history and old literature

They like learning about history and enjoy going to historical places.

They love to read the classics because they hold history and other important information, which they find interesting.

They are spiritually inclined

Old souls are sensitive and tuned into their intuition.

They have faith in their own judgment, and can easily recognize signs from the universe that can guide them in their lives.

They also tend to seek self-realization, love, and enlightenment, instead of focusing on superficial things.


Other Old Soul Traits


Old souls have unique characteristics and possess wisdom, but they also have some other unique traits:

Old souls are more mature than people their age, so they often feel like their peers can’t understand them.

Sometimes they are even viewed as “different”, which is one of the reasons why they tend to be loners. Younger souls may find them boring or too serious, while at the same time, an old souls may think their peers are childish.

Even simple things like choosing what to eat in a restaurant can become difficult because old souls tend to overthink. They like to have time to think before making a decision.

Since old souls can feel other people’s feelings and be affected by these emotions they often feel physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted from sensing the emotional baggage of others.

Old souls work hard and sometimes even have a tendency to overdo it. They know what are capable of and often feel disappointed when they fail.

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Being an old soul is a blessing. If you are an old soul, you can find contentment by using your wisdom not only to help yourself but also to help others.

If you have doubts and questions about your soul age, you can seek guidance from someone who is the best psychic and they can help you understand yourself better.


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