The Dream Meaning Of a Snake

dream meaning of a snake

You should not feel afraid when you dream about snakes, it usually indicates that something significant is happening in your life.

Have you recently had a dream of a snake? Do you know the dream meaning of a snake?

It can be is a scary experience to dream about snakes because people often associate snakes with something negative but they may actually also symbolize something positive, such as regeneration or courage.

Let’s explore all the possible explanations as to why you might be having snake dreams along with the common dream interpretation of its meaning.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes



It could refer to something you fear in your personal life. This could be facing a commitment, your supervisor, or a tough situation. It is a wake-up call that it’s time for you to face your fears.

Unconscious Anxieties

Snakes can symbolize all the emotions bottled up inside you, such as stress, sadness, or anger. It could mean that you are currently in a difficult situation and that you have a lot of worries in real life.

Growth and Renewal

Snakes can also symbolize renewal or a change in your life. They indicate that you will soon have a positive change in your life or find a resolution to some of your problems.

Phallic Symbol

The snake could be a phallic symbol. Usually a snake represents a male figure. Do you suppress you sexual needs? Dreaming of a snake could be pointing to your sexual needs being unfulfilled.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Snakes represent wisdom in some Native American or Asian cultures. Your dream may mean that you are seeking knowledge and trying to find answers,

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Common Dreams about Snakes and their Interpretation


Dream meaning of a snake can be either a positive or a negative symbol. To interpret your dream properly think about the following:

  • What was the snake doing in your dream?
  • Who was in the dream
  • Your feelings and attitude during the dream

Here are some possible dream scenarios and what they mean.

Venomous / Poisonous snake

If you have dreamed of a poisonous snake, this could mean that something is threatening you or you are feeling threatened. Your thoughts may be becoming toxic and you may be surrounded by things that are poisoning your life, such as bad people, junk foods, addictive substances, or negative thoughts.

 A white snake

Seeing a white snake on the floor can mean that you have clear ideas on what you want and the steps to take in order to achieve them.

If the white snake is in the water, it indicates regeneration and purification of your soul. It can aso also mean good health.

Being strangled by a snake

This is a reminder that you should be careful of your words. Think carefully before saying something or you might regret it later.

Being chased by a snake

This is a reminder that you should be more aware of the people you are dealing with, and to be careful with whom you should trust.

It also means that you should let go of whatever is bothering or stressing you because these unnecessary worries are making your life more difficult.

A black snake

Dreaming of a black snake is a reminder that you should be careful in all your dealings and avoid anything that could endanger you. A black snake symbolizes an obstacle you are facing or might face. It means it is best that you avoid any arguments, disputes, and also suspicious contracts.

Light-colored/yellow snake in a dream

A light or yellow-colored snake represents your intuition guiding you to the answer you are looking for. It means there is something you are longing to have, but you are not going for it due to fearing the unknown. It could indicate you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone. In times like this, dreaming of a light-colored yellow snake means you should listen to your gut.

A snake in your bed

Think about how you felt in your dream when you saw the snake in your bed. This can indicate how you feel about sex and intimacy. The snake in your bed could also mean you have hostile feelings towards your partner.

Fear of being bitten by a snake

This means you are the target of people with bad intentions. It shows you are in a challenging situation wherein you don’t have full control of your life.

Seeing a dead snake

Seeing a dead snake in your dream means that you will soon overcome an obstacle and be free from your destructive thoughts.

Too many snakes around you

Shows you are currently in a life stage where you feel overwhelmed with all that is going on around you. You may feel that there are a lot of obstacles and challenges and you don’t know how to escape them.


How to work past this dream


Dreaming about snakes can feel terrifying but not all snake dreams have a negative meaning and some are an indication of a positive change in your life. The dream meaning of a snake is to get your attention. You should not ignore the signs and meaning of your dreams.

You should analyze all the details of your dream in order to discover the real meaning behind them.

The best thing to do is meditate and write in a journal the questions you have in your life right now, along with the things you are neglecting in your life.

Use your journal to track your dreams and analyze their meanings. As soon as you wake up from your dream, immediately jot it down, so you can remember the details and feelings you experienced.

Dreaming about snakes is an indication of your unconscious thoughts and desires. It is a nudge that you should start paying more attention to some important things in your life.

The dream meaning of a snake is trying to send you some deeper personal message or can be an indicator of your life’s journey. Schedule a psychic reading and let me help you decipher the meanings of your dreams.


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