Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know

things your deceased pet wants you to know

One of the things your deceased pet wants you to know is that they want you to be happy, They might have gone to the other side, they want to see you happy.

Losing a pet can be extremely painful. It’s like losing a piece of yourself that no one else can replace. You wonder how you can cope with losing a beloved friend and how you can possibly say goodbye. And saying goodbye is one of the hardest things you can do.

As a psychic and also a medium, I’ve received calls from grieving pet owners on how to reach out to their deceased pet on the other side. They ask me if they’re okay and what else could they have done for them.

Having reached out to their little friends, I wanted to share some of the heart-warming messages pets have relayed to their owners.

If you have gone through the same loss and want to know the answers, here are some things your deceased pet wants you to know.


Why Are They Reaching Out?


You must have plenty of questions and doubts about the passing of your pet, and I want to answer them.

Here are some of the following reasons why your pet on the other side may be reaching out to you.


You have unresolved grief 

You are still holding on to the happiest moments together and have trouble letting go.

You may feel like you can’t move on without getting closure, without your friend letting you know that they’re okay, or if they were ever happy during their lifetime with you. You might be looking back thinking you should have spent more time with them or wondering if you showed them enough love. But I can assure you, your friend thinks otherwise.


You feel guilty

You’ve been blaming yourself for the loss of your friend. You feel you didn’t do enough to save them, or you feel somewhat guilty about their passing. You may question if you’ve done the right thing and if they can ever forgive you. If you still feel guilty to this day for their loss, your friend wants to assure you that you are not to blame.


Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know


Given your heartbreak and doubts, your pet wants to reach out and let you know these messages above anything else.


They love you more than you know

Your pets loved and still love you more than you can comprehend. As you have shared the highs and lows of life together, they know who you truly are inside and see through all your flaws. You are perfect in their eyes and your pet wouldn’t want you to think any other way.


They chose you

They chose you the moment they laid their eyes on you. They immediately felt connected with you, your energy, and knew you both would build a close bond. And they were right. They followed their intuition in choosing you and it paid off. You have had a sincere, devoted relationship with each other that is difficult to let go of. But as you remember the depth of what you had together, love will help you move forward.


They know you did everything for them

They appreciate every sacrifice you have made for them. There may have been times where you may have felt too tired from working all day to walk or spend time with them, but you did it anyway. Or how you dropped everything to take care of them whenever they got ill. They know the amount of time and resources it took to take care of them, and they appreciate every single one.


There’s nothing you could have done

They never blamed you for their passing. They knew it was time for them to move on and chose the perfect time to leave. There’s nothing you could have done, and they don’t want you to ever feel guilty. You have given them a fulfilling life and they couldn’t have asked for anything better.


They want you to be happy

They truly want you to be happy. They hate seeing you grieve and want you to experience the same love they have experienced from you. They want you to cherish the moments you have had together and think of them whenever you feel alone. Their greatest happiness was spending every second and memory with you.

Remember that they share your emotions. When you are happy, they are happy. When you are grieving, they grieve with you and will have a hard time leaving you. You will do them a favor by staying happy.


They want you to carry their memory

Pets won’t get jealous if one day you decide to replace them. They want you to have a new friend when you feel it is right. They still live on through your new friend and want you to carry their memory through them. They want you to love your new friend the same way you loved them. You honor their memory best when you share the same love with others. They will stay alive in your hearts as long as you carry their memory.


They’re still with you

Your pet is still around you even after they pass because their soul still lives on. Just like humans, they can choose whether to move on to the other side or stay around longer with you from the Spirit Side of life. If you have unresolved grief, they are more likely to stay around. They will stick around until they know you are happy and well.

They also want you to know that they are with your family members who have passed on the other side and that they’re okay. There is no more pain, and they are with you always.


How To Communicate With Your Pet In The Afterlife


Get in touch with a psychic medium

If you still have more questions, unresolved grief, and want to reach your pet, a psychic medium can help you transition through your pain and communicate with them. They will also shed more light on your pet’s passing and why it came to be. They will help you move on and free you from your doubts.


Communicate the same way you did when your pet was alive

Since your pet’s soul is still alive, you can still reach out to them. Communicate with them the same you did when they were still alive. Say their name, say hi every morning, go out for walks with the thought of them still running with you and communicate your inner thoughts and feelings as if they can still hear you.

You might feel silly talking to yourself, but your pet can really hear you. They still enjoy hearing about you, how your day is going, and what they can do to help.

Your pet is okay, and they want you to be too. Wherever they are, they are free from pain and running free. They are still with you in spirit, regardless if you don’t see or feel them. Your relationship exceeds all bounds, and you have both given each other a fulfilling experience that will live on forever.

If you’ve lost a special pet and need answers, closure, or just want to make sure they are doing okay, let me use my psychic gift to bring you both together again.


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