What Is An Aura Reading?


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An aura reading reveals so many things about you and gives you a ton of information from your physical health to your emotional state.

An Aura Reading is a way to sense and feel the aura, or energy field of a person in order to determine the person’s current physical, spiritual and emotional states.

Since everything is energy and we are all made of energy, this energy frequency within you forms an energetic field around your body and this is what we call the “human aura”. This human aura is an energy field, which surrounds all living things. And we all have one. It is made up of different layers of color and these colors represent the feelings, thoughts, awareness, state of health, and past experiences of a person.

Typically, you would not normally see a human aura at first, but you can certainly sense it. When you first meet a person, you can attribute your feelings about that person to his or her aura. With time and practice, you can definitely be able to learn to see auras. When you do, you can better understand yourself, including the people around you.


Three Layers of the Human Aura


Your aura is comprised of different layers and again, each layer relates to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions of a person.

Let’s talk about the 3 different layers of the human aura.

  • The Physical layer

The physical layer of the aura represents the physical body, tissues, muscles, bone, etc. It is connected to the root chakra and has a bluish-grey color. This layer can be easily seen with the naked eye and pulsates at 20 cycles per minute. This can be much stronger for athletes or individuals who are active, and weaker inlk those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

  • The Emotional layer

The emotional layer represents our feelings and emotions. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and can come in all the colors of the rainbow. The emotional layer is the power behind our reactions and actions. If you are at peace, this will show throughout your auric levels. If you are defensive or angry, this emotion will affect, and move, throughout all the levels of your aura. The emotional aura gives you the opportunity to have emotions, desires, physical abilities, and imagination. It also gives strength that is essential for manifestation in life.

  • The Spiritual Layer

The spiritual layer maintains balance in all the auric fields. It is divine energy that flows in the body to maintain spiritual well-being. This layer has been said to be the state where our “higher awareness” and “consciousness” resides.


What your Human Aura Tells About You


Your aura can speak volumes, with its layers of emotional, physical, and spiritual elements. Although the layers contain all the colors of the rainbow, auras are constantly changing according to the person’s emotional state and mood. If you are happy and positive, your aura is most likely to extend beyond your physical body. But if you are feeling sad or negative, your human aura will contract and will remain much closer to you.


How do Psychics Give Aura Readings?


The human aura contains a broad amount of information about your state of mind, your thoughts, and well-being, including your past, present, and future.

Your aura can tell a lot of things about you and a psychic who can read this “rainbow of your soul” has the ability to see your thoughts, emotional energies, and even your memories in your aura. Your aura will tell a psychic about your energy state, including the emotions and feelings that are blocking you.

During an aura reading, your psychic will look at the colors surrounding you and determine which colors dominate. There are a lot of colors that surround you but there will be some that will be more dominate. These colors will tell the psychic what is currently going on in your life by how the color radiates.


Can a typical person give aura readings?


Psychic abilities are inherent in everyone. Since auras can be felt and seen, an ordinary person can also have the ability to read auras. The longer you work at seeing and reading auras, the more variations, and colors you can possibly see. It just takes time and practice.


How to Read an Aura


Auras represent our current state of mind, so the colors are constantly changing. There are only certain people who can see an aura with the naked eye. For you to see auras, you need to develop our own ability to fully understand how energy feels within our bodies. When you are more relaxed, you are more likely to allow the colors of our aura to come to you.

Try to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and allow the colors to show themselves to you in your mind’s eye. Allow time each day to practice feeling the energy within you. With this, you can develop the ability to read your own aura in no time.

Besides sensing your own aura, you can also definitely read another person’s aura. You can practice with one person and allow yourself to sense the energy field within that person. Properly gaze towards that person and pay attention not only to your physical vision, but also on how you can “sense” the colors, too. Practice making a connection in reading their aura followed by interpreting what it means.

Every living thing on this earth has an energy field around them. You can perform aura reading if you train your mind to physically perceive this energetic field through practicing and paying attention to your peripheral vision. With proper focus and continuous practice, you can successfully feel your aura and even other’s auras’, which you can use as guidance as you go on through your life.


How To Schedule An Aura Reading


If you would like to have your aura read, click here now and schedule your own private Aura Reading. During your Aura Reading, I can channel your energy, cleanse your soul, heal your aura, remove energetic blocks, perform speed healing, and even enhance the clarity within you. An aura reading allows you to fully use your energy, heal, work with purpose, and live your life more fully.

You can schedule an Aura Reading with me by clicking here NOW to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and then someone will contact you soon.


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