“Why Am I Still Single?” Here’s 5 Possible Reasons Why!

why am i still single

One of the reasons you’re still single is that your expectations and standards are too high. There is no such thing as a flawless person, and everyone has their own peculiarities that you may find odd.

Why am I still single? is a question many single people struggle with. Often times asking themselves this question time and time again:

Am I really meant to have love?

Is it me? Is there something wrong with me?

Do people not see my true value?

If you’ve been unlucky in love for the past several years, your own actions and perceptions might have something to do with it. Life isn’t out to get you, and no, you have not been cursed by unseen forces. The truth is, people are where they are today due to the choices they make every day.

Some things are just out of your control, but if you find yourself stuck in the same recurring pattern, then it’s time for some serious reevaluation. There are many things you can do to improve your love life – you just need to reevaluate yourself.

As a love psychic, here are 5 honest reasons why people are still single.


1. Your standards and expectations are way too high


He must be 6 feet tall, must have blonde hair, and must be fit.

All musts! If you’re expecting a handsome prince charming to come and sweep you off your feet, then yes, you are likely to be single. If you’re expecting a romance like a Hollywood movie to happen, it’s completely unrealistic, and to be honest, it probably won’t happen.

It’s best to set realistic expectations in a relationship. There’s no such thing as a perfect person and everyone has their own quirks that may seem strange to you. Don’t worry too much about the little things, since they’re meaningless and have zero effect on someone’s ability to be a good partner. Embrace other people for who they truly are, as you would also like to be accepted for who you are!


2. You overestimate yourself


On top of having unrealistic standards, some people regard themselves way too high, to the point that they think nobody is good enough to be with them. A lot of people carry this trait without even realizing it! Consider asking yourself these questions:

Do you think your purpose in life is above other people’s? 

Are you convinced that people just don’t see your true value and there’s nothing you need to change within yourself? 

Do you quickly assume that other people are not doing as well as you are? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps the reason why you’re single is that you have an inflated sense of self, and it’s very important to address this issue and not ignore it. You may tend to write people off so quickly that it’s making it impossible for you to find a relationship.

If this is the issue, consider assessing yourself and humbling down. If you have a set of criteria of the perfect person to date, make sure that you also pass and live up to that same criteria. Your standards should be consistent and equal to your own character, personality, and what you have to offer. If you can’t live up to it, that should give you the idea that your standards are too unrealistic.


3. You think of yourself so poorly


The complete polar opposite of having an inflated ego is underestimating yourself. Perhaps you think of yourself so poorly that you assume that there must be something wrong with anyone who expresses romantic interest in you. Whenever someone asks you out, thoughts like these can cloud your mind:

Why would they want to date me? 

What do they want from me? 

Is this a joke? 

They’ll leave me in a week!

Low self-esteem may be pushing away good potential relationship candidates! If you believe that you’re not good enough or you’re unworthy of love, it’s best to break out of this negative cycle, address your unresolved issues, and see yourself in a new light. Chances are, what your head says is not even the truth! You are very worthy and well-capable of love! Positive affirmations and a psychic love reading can be a quick fix for your love worries.


4. Your heart has been broken


If you have been in a relationship that left your heart into pieces, then it’s very understandable that you’re afraid of getting your heart broken again. Perhaps you feel like you’re still under the traps of your ex. You keep reliving your past memories, and you’re anticipating that your future relationships will be just as horrible, making you unable to commit to new and better ones!

Be honest. Are you still stalking them on social media? Still, trying to hold on to anything in hopes that they will come back? Dealing with a breakup sure isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t discourage you from moving forward with your life! Start to reclaim your independence, forget your ex, and move on to bigger and better relationships!


5. You keep choosing the wrong partners


Another reason why you’re still single is that you’re looking for love in the wrong places. Perhaps you’ve dated someone out of loneliness or desperation, and they turned out not to be the person you expected. This is quite common, and people tend to fall for the wrong person all the time, but sometimes it scares them from going into another relationship again.

If you keep finding yourself with partners who are not as they advertised, take a close look at all the patterns, so you won’t fall for the wrong one again. Studies say that if you grew up in a rough household, you are more likely to end up in not-so-good relationships. Steer yourself away from that path and start setting the bar higher.

You deserve to be in a better relationship with much better people! Setting high standards is unrealistic, but in this case, setting low standards are just as unacceptable. Don’t settle for anyone out of loneliness but show others your true value instead. The right person for you will see you for who you truly are!

If you’re still single to this day, don’t be dismayed! There is nothing wrong with being single! Embrace yourself for who you truly are and enjoy the freedom of being single as much as you can! Treat yourself and go anywhere you want with nothing holding you back!

Being single is not a failure! The Universe has bigger and greater plans for you than to be in a relationship right now. Having a significant other is not a determining factor of your identity. Choose to love yourself first than letting yourself be bothered by such questions as, “why am I still single?” Life is much more than being in a relationship!

You deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship! If you still have doubts over what to do next, a love psychic is within your reach! Through Tana’s love psychic readings, you will receive guidance on finding your one true love. Schedule a love psychic reading and meet the love of your life today!


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