A Clairvoyant Psychic Asks: Do You Have A Blue Aura?


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The blue aura color indicates peace, quiet order, and a person who can speak the truth.

Peaceful and calm.

These are words that are often associated with the color blue.

But have you ever heard of a blue aura?

Being a clairvoyant psychic, people often ask me, “What is it and what does it mean to have a blue aura?”

But before I answer these questions, let me give you an overview of what an aura is.

The human aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It serves as a protective shield against negative energy from the environment and has several layers. It has many colors, and each color reflects the way you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Blue is just one of its many colors. But in some people’s aura, blue can dominate all the other colors.


What Does A Blue Aura Represent?


But first, you need to understand the corresponding blue chakra.

Chakras are the energy points in your body and are associated with different wants and needs.

A blue aura represents the blue chakra, called the throat chakra. This chakra is associated with the element of sound and is connected with purity, expression, and communication.

It is related to expressing oneself, and to represent a person’s ability to speak the truth.


The Blue Aura Personality


Blue is the color of tranquility, peace, and healing. It demonstrates creativity, gentle authority, and innate wisdom.

If you have a blue aura, you have a calm temperament and you manage to remain calm, even under stressful and demanding situations.

You are intelligent and optimistic and like to see the positive side of people and things.

You believe that people should start looking out for each other and you have a very loving and nurturing nature.

You are also very friendly.

You might be quiet at first, and even a little shy, but once you get close to someone, you can be a great friend.

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You are also trustworthy and patient with people.


The Blue Aura As A Lover


As a lover, you are caring and very protective. You like spending time with your loved one, and you like making them happy.

You are appreciative of your partner and very affectionate. You are committed and emotionally connected to your relationship. You are a loyal partner.

Having a blue aura also means you are emotional and forgiving. But you might have a tendency to always put other people first. You are afraid of being alone and unloved.


The Blue Aura And Career


In terms of career, if you have a blue aura personality, you can be a great teacher, nurse, or caregiver, because of your helpful and loving nature.

You are also perfect for jobs that require excellent communication skills and high intelligence. You will be drawn to jobs that help other people.

Your priorities are people and relationships, so you may not care much about money and wealth. But you want to earn enough money to support your loved ones and to live a comfortable life.

These are the general personality traits of people with a blue aura. But there are also different shades of blue, and each shade has a corresponding meaning.


Different Shades of Blue And Their Meanings


A Light Blue Aura

A lighter shade of blue auric color can be found in people who are good communicators. This aura color symbolizes a peaceful and positive personality.

If you have a light blue aura, you will make a great teacher, or a great leader, because of your great ability to communicate. You also enjoy sharing wisdom and knowledge with others.

A Royal Blue Aura

A royal blue aura can be found in people who are poised, calm, and have strong intuition.

If you have a royal blue aura, you are undaunted by new challenges, because you are not held back by negative energy. You are also very empathetic.

A royal blue shade can suggest an innate connection with psychic gifts and abilities. For instance, people with clairvoyant abilities may discover this color in their aura.

A Turquoise Blue Aura

A turquoise blue aura reflects a connection to the immune system, which could mean that you are a natural healer.

It also means you are sensitive, compassionate, and very friendly.

This aura color has a lot of positivity and has a positive effect on other people. If you have a turquoise aura color, you love to inspire other people to become better.

A Muddy Blue Aura

A muddy or cloudy blue aura represents a level of negativity from a troubled mind, a troubled past, or a troubled soul.

It may indicate someone who carries a lot of fear and anxiety. Specifically, this person fears honesty and communication. They may also be afraid to truly express themselves.

A Blue Indigo Aura

A blue-indigo aura means you have deeper, more intuitive feelings and are sensitive to other people’s energy.

It also indicates a creative thinker and an excellent communicator.


How To Tell If You Have A Blue Aura


If you are sensitive and desire peace and balance in your life, you have a blue aura personality. You will be the type of person who loves taking care of other people. You like helping others.

But knowing the personality traits of a blue aura may not be enough to tell if you have a blue aura.

Consulting a psychic is still the best way to know.

A clairvoyant psychic will be able to see your aura clearly and tell if you for sure if have a blue aura. He can also tell if your aura is healthy, or if it needs cleansing or balancing.

If your blue aura is not unhealthy and not balanced, you might have some problems with your throat, such as sore throat, or even difficulty in speaking.

You might also not be motivated to exercise or focus on your own health. So, it’s important to have your aura checked, too.

If you would like to know the color of your aura, you can visit here to schedule a psychic reading, where I can tell you all about your aura, and give you a detailed reading about what it means about you!

A clairvoyant psychic knows a blue aura is very special because of its loving, peaceful personality that radiates and affects other people in a positive way.


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