Clairvoyant Psychic Guide: What Your Aura Colors Can Reveal About Your Life human_aura

An aura reading can give you a ton of information regarding anything from your physical health to your emotional state.

“You’ve got a glowing aura!”

You might have heard of this expression before. But what does this mean?

A psychic who has the gift of clairvoyance possesses the psychic ability to see auras. So, a clairvoyant psychic can help you understand what an aura is, and help you know what your aura reveals about you.


What Is An Aura?


Your aura is an energy field surrounding your body. It reveals your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

It has three layers:

The Physical Layer

The physical layer is the closest layer to your body. It relates to your physical body and holds information about your physical health.

The Emotional Layer

The emotional layer of your aura extends about one to three inches from your body. This layer tells about your emotions and feelings.

The Spiritual Layer

Your spiritual layer can extend up to two and a half feet. This layer is connected to the spiritual realm and it shows how you express your connection to the Creator.

The different layers of your aura also have different colors, which reflect different aspects of your life, including your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and much more.

So, when a psychic who has the ability to see your aura reads it for you, the psychic can tell you many things about yourself.

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What Your Aura Colors Reveal About You


The energy your aura emits can be seen as different colors in your aura, which a clairvoyant can clearly see.

Here are the different aura colors a psychic can see, along with their meanings:

-Red represents your heart and your physical body. A bright red color in your aura means a healthy ego, while dark or dull red indicates negative energy caused by anger, unforgiving, anxiety.

-Orange is related to reproductive organs and emotional feelings. A bright orange color means excitement, while a dim orange shade means laziness or controlled emotions.

-Yellow pertains to life energy. It shows optimism, inspiration, and intelligence. In a positive light, yellow means cheerfulness, energy, confidence. While in a negative light, it means jealousy, anxiety, and fear.

-Green is related to the heart and lungs and is also the color of nature. Bright green color means balance, growth, and change, while dull, muddy green may mean conflicting emotions or possessiveness.

-Blue pertains to the throat and thyroid. It represents caring, loving, sensitive energies. But a dull blue may represent distrust.

-Indigo is related to the third eye and pituitary gland. This color also means wisdom, deep feeling, and intuition. But a blurred indigo color may mean self-pity or stress, and a dark shade may mean isolation.

-Violet is related to the nervous system. Violet aura means being artistic, visionary, and intuitive. Pale violet may mean that a person’s drive or stamina may be lacking. A dull violet may mean depression. And a dark shade may indicate perfectionism.

-Black means transforming energy. It may also mean an unforgiving nature, unreleased anger, or grief. But the black aura isn’t always negative. It may also mean that a person is under some protection.

-White means perfect balance and protection and signifies new energy in the aura. It means truth and purity. A white aura also means a healthy individual. But a misty white may mean an unwillingness to help or reach out to others.

-Silver means abundance. The color silver in the aura may mean money or spiritual awakening.

-Gold means divine protection and enlightenment. It represents wisdom, inner peace, and spiritual thinking.


How Your Aura Works


Your aura is affected by your emotions and feelings. When you feel positive or happy emotions, a clairvoyant can see bright and vivid colors in your aura. But when you have negative, sad, or repressed emotions, your aura will show dark and dull colors.

The colors of your aura can also reveal if you have any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problems. For example, a dull aura color may be a sign of an illness. Or it may signify an emotional problem, such as anxiety, fear, or depression.

As you can see, your aura colors hold important information that can help you become aware of these problems, and a psychic who can see your aura can interpret these colors for you and tell you what they mean.


How A Clairvoyant Can Help You See The Colors Of Your Aura


It’s possible for you to see your aura. But a clairvoyant psychic will be able to see your aura more clearly. As a psychic, I can use my clairvoyant abilities to help you know more about your aura.

During an aura reading, when I look at a client’s aura and see the colors white surrounding them, this color reveals what is happening in their life, and tells me a lot about their personality, behavior, and even their health.

The colors that I see in your aura will tell me how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For example, your aura can show if you are sick. When you know the condition of your body, you’ll know what you need to do to get well or be healthier.

Since your aura can also reveal your feelings and emotions, during a reading, you’ll discover if you have any negative emotions toward another person. Then I can help you clear these negative emotions by cleansing your aura.

By looking at your aura, I can also see if there are any problems or imbalances in your aura, and help you improve its condition.

A healthy aura with bright colors is important to your overall health and a happier life, and a clairvoyant psychic will be able to help you achieve a glowing, healthy aura.

If you’d like to know more about your aura, visit here and let me help you understand yourself even better.


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  1. I have a question about auras. What happens if aura forms a planet? I have seen in my mom’s aura. Both are earth and Saturn. Saturn aura I have seen is a red and orange planet with orange rings. Earth is mainly blue and green with some top on the top of the planet with a cloud of red and orange. What does the planet-forming in aura mean? What it is meaning for Saturn, earth, and other planets. Have seen planets form in auras before? Sorry if there are too many questions.

  2. Ciska says:

    Iam clairvoyant and I see colors in the skies,walls,ceilings is this also aura’s or rays from angels?
    And last time I was looking at my shadow. Next to my shadow was a colored shadow Pink and golden Is that my higher self or is that just my aura colors?
    Can you explain it to me.
    Thank you.

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