The Best Psychic Explains A Red Aura Personality red aura

A person’s red aura can uncover deep hidden information about his or her personality.

Red is a very powerful color. It is the color of love, strength, power, passion, and desire. It is also associated with blood, fire, energy, war, and danger. With red being such an intense color, what does it mean to have a red aura?

The best psychic explanation about a red aura will let you know what this color represents, and the positive and negative elements of this aura color. But before I go deeper, let’s briefly look at what an aura is.


The Human Aura


Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It has several layers: the physical layer which is closest to your body and is related to your physical health; the emotional layer which is connected to your emotional health; and the spiritual layer which reflects your spiritual health.

Your aura also has different colors that reveal your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. The colors change depending on how you feel. For example, if you’re happy and healthy, your aura reflects bright, vivid colors. But if you’re sad or unwell, the colors may be dull or dark.

The colors of your aura also reflect your personality and characteristics.


The Color Red In Your Aura: What Is It?


One of the colors present in your aura is red, which is associated with your physical body and linked to your root chakra.

Your root chakra, which is also called the red chakra, is connected to your physical and emotional strength and related to primal needs.

If you have a lot of red in your aura, it shows that you have a dominant and powerful root chakra and are deeply connected to your physical self and have intense emotions.

The red color in your aura may have different shades. Each shade has a different meaning.

For example, dark red may indicate a negative emotional, mental, and spiritual state. It may also indicate stress and past trauma.

On the other hand, a murky or clouded red color may mean pent-up anger, hatred, trauma, or negativity.

Bright red means positive energy and a positive personality.

While red is just one of the many colors of the aura, there are some people who have a dominant red aura.

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Red Aura Personality


A red aura is a very powerful aura and also the most physical aura.

As a psychic, I can best describe a red aura personality as one of passion and strength. If you have a red aura, you are a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong person.

You are also confident and courageous. You don’t back down from challenges and you always try to find a way to overcome problems.

Having a red aura means you have lots of energy, you are lively, tireless and adventurous. You are always willing to try and experience new things and believe in living life to the fullest.

Love and Relationships

Since red aura individuals are passionate, relationships are where they excel.

If you have a red aura, as a lover, you have a loving, romantic, and seductive nature. You like spending time with your partner and you work hard to have a successful relationship.

You are not only adventurous in life, but you also like an exciting relationship. You desire a partner who can match your strength and energy. You will also have a high sex drive.

As a friend, you are also very social. You like hanging out with the people you like and enjoy bringing them along for the ride. It’s hard to separate you from your closest friends.

Career and Money

Having a read aura means you are driven to succeed in terms of career and money. You are ambitious and you don’t stop until you get things done. You tend to give everything you’ve got to your job, your hobby, or even your relationship.

In the workplace, you can excel as a leader. Your determination and enthusiasm can make you a good manager or even a CEO.

You are also self-sufficient and competitive. You like winning and being on top, and don’t like taking “no” for an answer.

This is also why some people who have a red aura can be found in fields such as sports or politics.

You can also be materialistic but this should not always be seen as something negative, because desiring material things can motivate you to work harder, and achieving them can make you feel good.


Some Things You Need To Watch Out For


Sometimes a person with a red aura can have a challenging and intimidating personality. Since a red aura is powerful, it can influence and manipulate others. An unhealthy red aura can also be aggressive.

Having a red aura may also mean you can be impulsive and unforgiving. These traits, if not controlled, may make it hard for you to get along well with other people.

Because of your intense and passionate nature, you can be quite sensitive, and also tend to be jealous.

You are also very honest, but you may lose your patience or get angry easily.

You can also have a tendency to get bored easily.


How To Tell If Someone Has A Red Aura


To know if a person has a red aura, it’s best to “see” or read their aura. Although it’s not always easy to see aura, you can sense it, and you can also learn how to see it.

You can start by looking at your own aura.

You can stand in front of a mirror with a white or plain background behind you, then look at your forehead first.

Now relax your eyes.

You’ll start to see a soft white light and if you keep focusing your attention there, you’ll see a color soon.

You can also use this same process if you want to see another person’s aura.

If you have a hard time seeing your aura, or the aura of another person, you should consult a psychic to have an aura reading and to get guidance on how to do this correctly and easily.

Then you will know if you have a healthy aura, which is important for your overall well-being.

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An aura reading with the best psychic will not only let you know if you have a red aura, but it can also help you learn the condition of your aura.


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