Why Emotional Pain Can Drive An Empath Crazy

emotional pain

Bottling your emotional pains will cause you to absorb negative feelings.

Being an empath is an asset, but it can also come at a great cost because being emotionally tuned in to other people’s feelings can drive any empath crazy!

Bottling up emotional pain is never a great idea. If you put a lid on a boiling pot, eventually everything will start to explode. If you are an empath and are suppressing your emotions, this can have an adverse effect on your mind and body.

Emotions are never meant to be pushed down, especially for someone as sensitive as an empath because they will always find a way to resurface in various aspects of life.

Here are the main reasons why it’s an empath shouldn’t bottle up emotional pain.

1. You will absorb negative feelings

As an empath, you can easily identify with the feelings of other people, absorbing their emotions and moods. When you’re exposed to crowds of people, this could leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and drained.

When you decide to keep it all inside and are latching on to their negative feelings, it becomes very difficult for you to separate from them. You will eventually start to embody negativity, escalating to anxiety and depression.


2. You will create internal turmoil

Bottling emotional pain as an empath can cause heavy anxiety, disrupting your normal balance in life and affecting your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Also, empaths are also likely to suffer from frequent headaches, fatigue, nervous system overdrive, and blocked chakras.

You will find it hard to focus and find yourself convoluted by stress and negative emotions.


3. You will have difficulty trusting your intuition

As an empath, you can easily absorb all kinds of feelings, along with others’ energies, and into your own body. Suppressing your feelings will fog your intuition, making it difficult for you to trust it and other people.


Habits To Help You Stop Bottling Emotional Pain


Here is my life path psychic advice on how you can stop repressing your feelings as an empath.


Develop your emotional immunity

It’s so easy for empaths to pick up other people’s emotions that they can have a hard time differentiating what is truly theirs. This means that someone else’s anxiety, depression, and other emotional pain can be yours if you don’t release it.

To develop emotional immunity, practice mindfulness and observe how you feel after spending some time with others. Notice which people are hazardous to your health and start blocking them off immediately. Create your own empath filter that will guard you against negativity. Limit your interactions with energy vampires and meditate regularly.


Find your balance

If you notice yourself starting to take other people’s emotions on as your own, take a step back, slow down, and ground yourself back in the present moment.

Ask yourself: is this feeling truly mine? If not, cleanse this negative energy from your aura before you start absorbing it deeper.

Focus on the experience rather than the feeling, and you will find it easier to keep negative energy separate from you. The more present and mindful you are, the less likely you will absorb negative emotions.

Find your balance by managing your stress and unblocking your chakras. Practice detaching whenever you need to and acknowledge your own need for some alone time with your own emotions.


Release your emotions

If you are under stress, release them immediately and never bottle up your thoughts and emotions and express yourself creatively through appropriate ways!

Stay mindful and learn to distinguish your own thoughts from others. Surround yourself with all things positive, including people who will uplift you. If there’s anything you want to absorb, it’s other people’s happiness and joyful thoughts.

Empathy is a gift! Though it comes with some side effects, your ability to connect and help others is an irreplaceable skill that everybody wishes they could have. Let your deep understanding, compassion, and healing energy shine through and you will continue to maintain your strong sense of self!

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