Is My Current Partner My Soulmate?


You will know that this person is your soulmate if you feel an instant connection even if it’s your first time to meet him or her.

If you’re wondering, “Is my partner my soulmate?”, here is my love psychic advice on how you can tell if your current partner is your true soulmate. 

There is no better and rewarding feeling than meeting your soulmate! Whether you’ve just met or have been together for a long time, wouldn’t it be nice to know if your current partner is indeed your true soulmate.

To know if your current partner is your soulmate, ask yourself the following 4 questions:

1. Is there a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection between the two of you? 

2. Do you always end up together after a very rough time? 

3. Do you feel like they help you keep your feet on the ground? 

4. Do you feel like the one you love completes a missing part of you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have found your soulmate!

And if you’ve met your soulmate, you will experience one or all of the following signs:

Your intuition says so

You can’t point your finger to why, but deep down inside you just know they’re your soulmate. If you have a feeling in your gut that this person is the right one for you, and you feel very emotionally connected in ways you can’t explain, your partner could be your soulmate!

You’ve gone through everything together, yet somehow you still feel energized by their presence. You just know deep inside that you have a spiritual connection with each other.


You feel like you crossed paths before

The first time you laid eyes on them, you feel like you knew them from a previous life. You felt an instant connection as if you have known each other for a very long time. You felt a sense of calm, peace, and warmth with that person.


Your souls met at the right time

Just when you were about to give up in life and felt like you were at your lowest point, your partner comes in and saves the day. It felt like your meeting was the Universe somehow joining your paths together.

Because when it comes to meeting your soulmate, timing is everything. Each person has to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for this kind of soul connection.


You can tune into their energy

With true soulmates, there is such a huge depth to your relationship that you can tune in to each other’s energy and almost feel what your partner is thinking, even if’s not verbally expressed. You can somehow read their thoughts and feel their pain like you’re connected by heartstrings.

You both have deep empathy and understanding of each other’s emotional language and can stand in each other’s shoes.


You complete and balance each other

A single person is unable to complete their life mission alone, that’s why soulmates come in and complete your life with you. You act as one, and when one partner lacks something, the other acts as their strength and keeps their feet on the ground. They perfectly balance each other’s needs, bringing harmony to each other like yin and yang.

Your partner fills in the blanks. Your weakness is their strength and vice versa. One may be an introvert and the other an extrovert. Soulmates are often opposites, attracting a person who fills their missing pieces. And when the other is away, they feel a sense of anxiety like they’re lost in the world. At the end of the day, they always return back to each other regardless of what trouble they’re in.


Know For Sure


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