7 Psychic Tools To Heal Yourself of Past Hurts

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In order to heal yourself, accepting your past and all the emotions attached to it would be the first step you need to make.

It’s a question many of us ask whenever we relive heartache and emotional pain – how exactly do you heal yourself from the past and find happiness again?

Though it would be nice to have an off switch in your head that could automatically turn off all the pain from your past, sadly there isn’t one. But there are steps you can take to slowly get rid of your pain and heal yourself from the past! Holding on to the past is a conscious decision, and you can always choose to let go and reclaim your happiness.


7 psychic tools you can use to heal your past hurts


Accept Your Past


People are usually afraid of negative feelings and choose to avoid them. Instead of avoiding all your feelings, it’s best to express them and allow them to flow out of you. Refusing to acknowledge your pain can actually disrupt your process of moving forward with your life.

If you need to cry, go ahead! There is no shame in showing emotions!

The first step to moving forward is accepting these emotions and any past hurt that has happened to you. Acknowledge them as a part of your life. Though you can’t change them, you can choose to heal yourself, move forward, and grow from them.

You can choose joy rather than be trapped in the past.




After accepting your past, it’s best to forgive the people who have caused you hurt. Even if they have not apologized to you, forgive them anyway and show compassion. Waiting for them to apologize will only slow down your process of healing.

You deserve the peace of mind, so reclaim it for yourself and don’t wait for other people to give it to you.

The only person you need to forgive in this situation is yourself. Apologize to yourself for allowing all these negative emotions to take up a huge part of your life and control your important decisions.

Forgiveness allows you to let go of all the anger, sadness, guilt, and shame. It’s a gift you give to yourself!


Restore Yourself


Restoring yourself from painful situations can take time and practice, but through forgiveness, self-love, and acceptance, you can heal yourself and reclaim your happiness! Continue to practice mindfulness and living in the present moment. Keep reminding yourself that you are far away from the past and you have the freedom to live your life however you want to.

To start moving forward with your life, a psychic reading can give you the clarity and guidance you need to live the best life you deserve. You can also contact your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to aid your healing process through the power of regular meditation and healing crystals. They will help you see what needs to be changed and restore you to a new direction.

As much as possible, show yourself kindness and compassion, avoid self-criticism, and comparing your own journey with others. Hurt will relive itself from time to time, but you can always choose to treat yourself kindly whenever it comes.

Every small victory is worth celebrating!


Clear Your Past Life Karma


Your past lifetimes can be a storehouse of karma, oftentimes carrying more physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens into your present lifetime. If you’re having a difficult time moving forward with your life, perhaps you have unresolved karma that needs your attention.

Some people blame others for their karma, but we are all co-creators with Spirit, and with that comes free will. The choices you make are yours and yours alone, creating your own future with every thought, word, and deed. That means you can repay your old karma with good deeds! A psychic can assist you in clearing your old karma. If you’re ready to get started, click here.


Clear Your Aura


A murky aura can also block you from healing yourself. Your aura is like a magnet that can attract vibrational energies around you. So, if you’re around negative energy, it can make you feel less balanced and ill, blocking the natural flow of your aura. If you’ve been having a hard time finding healing, you can cleanse your aura back to perfect health.


Find Your True Purpose


You can also find healing through accessing your Akashic Records. These records hold complete information about your life, including full details about your past life and karma. It is a spiritual library of your every thought, word, and action from all of your past lifetimes.

Through having your Akashic Records read by a psychic, you get to the root of all the past experiences that have hurt you. You will find the clarity you need to heal yourself, once you get connected with your records, helping unlock your history and clear all the pain and bad karma out.


Fill Your Life With Positivity


How you talk to yourself can make or break your healing process. It can either help you move forward or keep you stuck. To help counter your painful thoughts, you can create your own positive affirmations and mantra that you can use whenever emotional pain rises up.

Start your day every morning by saying something like, “I am blessed to live another day. My past does not define me. I will be able to find a new path in life.”  Keep filling your head with positivity until you squash your intrusive thoughts when they pop up. Surround yourself also with positive people who will uplift you during your most difficult times.

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