How to Stop Overthinking — and Start Living!

Have you ever been enjoying some much-needed quiet time for yourself, only to get your head plagued by a constant barrage of thoughts? You start finding yourself continuously running things over in your mind like:

Did I make the right impression? 

I wonder if I offended them? 

What if they don’t pick me?

If you tend to overanalyze situations or rehash old scenarios, here are 4 powerful ways on how you can rewire your brain and stop overthinking.


1. Exhale!


stop overthinking

One way to stop overthinking is to close your eyes, relax, and take a deep breath to enter a meditative state when ideas begin to muddle your mind.

When thoughts start to cloud your mind, close your eyes, relax, take a deep breath, to get yourself in a meditative state. Instead of trying to control your thoughts, let them drift away. Visualize yourself drifting in the water, slowly washing away all your negative thoughts. Constantly practice doing this so whenever you start to overthink, you’ll get into the habit of relaxing your mind.

Take a good look at yourself and pay attention to your internal dialogue. If you talk to yourself harshly, would you talk to somebody else that way? Usually, we are kinder to other people than ourselves. If you beat yourself down over things you can’t control, you lose the energy and motivation to help yourself.

Be kind to yourself and avoid negative self-talk. Remind yourself that there are some things that are just beyond your control, but you can choose how to respond to them and not allow these thoughts to affect your headspace.


2. Stop being an emotional sponge


When you’re around friends who constantly whine about their own lives, like how much of a pain their careers are, how annoying their friends are, how they’ve gained weight or other mindless problems … do you notice how you’re absorbing those feelings and getting stressed out yourself? If you’re having a personal reaction to other people’s negativity, then you are likely an emotional sponge!

The most harmful thing about being an emotional sponge is that instead of releasing it, you’re letting it roll around your mind and body, distorting your own thoughts and emotions. You are allowing them to take control over you, making you lose sight of reality!

To fight this, start practicing mindfulness and let go of what you cannot control. Create a protective barrier to keep yourself away from negativity and rewire your brain to positivity whenever destructive thoughts start creeping in again.


3. Turn negative into positive


If all else fails, reach for something uplifting that will distract your mind away, like doing your favorite activity or becoming active. Journaling is a great way to turn your negatives into positives. Start identifying your triggers, then write down a positive affirmation to combat that thought. For example, if you wrote down “I failed at something today”, write down “I did my best” instead.

Acknowledge all your successes, too! If you’re in the midst of overthinking, grab your journal and write down at least 5 things that have gone right this week and how you made them happen. You will be surprised by how much you can do! Keep referring back to your journal whenever you find your thoughts spiraling.

Make an effort to see the good side of your negative thoughts. For example, if you feel like you failed, what can you do right now to improve yourself? How can you make yourself better? Use this opportunity to elevate your skills or to implement some self-care tactics.

If you find yourself thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have done, replaying old scenarios, or overanalyzing things, destroy these mentally destructive beliefs by reminding yourself that they are out of your control. Plus, they might not even be a reality! Take a step back and look at the evidence. What evidence do you have that your thought is true? Don’t dwell on the problem, but on the solution. Ask yourself how you can prevent it from happening again.


4. Remember that you’re in control


Take a look at how all these issues floating in your mind will affect you 5 or 10 years from now. Will anyone really care? Don’t allow minor issues to turn into significant hurdles! Separate your mind from your personal identity. Rambling thoughts are normal, but don’t let them define who you are as a person!

Change the channel in your brain by engaging yourself in everything you love. Do something different that will put an end to your negative thoughts. Meditate regularly and keep surrounding yourself with all things positive. Regardless of what happened, accept it and respect it. You have done everything you could do, you’ve done your best, and all that’s left to do is use it to your advantage and make yourself a better person.

At the end of the day, you are in full control of your mind and you have the power to transform your thoughts. It takes a lot of time and practice, but with patience, anyone can achieve it!

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