How to Invite Positive Energy Into Your Home

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Start removing stuff you don’t need to begin inviting positive energy into your home.

We could all use some peace and quiet in our own homes. As if everything outside your walls isn’t bad enough, your home should be your safe haven where you can recharge and draw all your positive energy from.

As soon as you wake up, you should feel refreshed and energized to take on another day. If that’s not the case and the energy within your home feels draining, it’s about time you switch things up and invite positive energy back into your home!

Here is how you can invite positive energy into your home and turn it into your own healing sanctuary!


Cleanse Negative Energy


How does your home feel? Does it bring you peace, healing, and relaxation after a long day of work? Or does it make you feel exhausted? If so, you might be living in a home of negative energy!

Your home can drastically affect your mood throughout the day, so it’s best to keep everything in order and transform it into something you will feel pleasure to be in. Every morning should feel like a breath of fresh air, giving you the inspiration and motivation to carry on another day.

To start inviting positive energy into your home, start by decluttering things you don’t need. If you see piles of stuff just laying around, it’s very difficult to feel inspired in a messy room, and this can impede your flow of productivity. A cluttered home promotes stress, leading you to feel more negative!

If you don’t know where to begin, start with the section of your closet or drawer you neglect to open. And if you find it hard to let go of certain items, ask yourself: 

Does this item bring me joy?

Will it bring me joy in the future?

If the item doesn’t spark your joy now, it probably won’t in the future. Consider donating it or gifting it to a friend.

Items that carry bad memories and negative vibes are also carriers of negative energy. Throw them away if you need to. After getting rid of all the clutter, you’re ready to cleanse the negative energy from your house!


Things You Can Do


Burning incense all around your home can relieve the stress and mental fatigue you may have been experiencing.

Crystals are also life-changing tools that can transform the overall presence of your home, bringing calmness and healing into your entire space. Click here for my crystal recommendations that can bring harmony back into your home.

Spraying sea saltwater all around the house can also reduce the effects of negative vibrations.


Fill Your Home With All Things Positive


Inviting positive energy starts with you! After you have cleansed your home of negative energy, make it a habit to keep everything clean, tidy, and organized. Little things like making your bed, proper recycling, throwing trash the right way, keeping things minimalistic, or adding indoor plants can bring tremendous benefits to your life!

Feng-shui is another great way to bring positive energy into your home! In a nutshell, feng-shui is basically a principle aiming to achieve balance within your living and working space, maximizing your potential for success in all areas of your life. This means that if there is negative energy within your home, this will eventually be reflected in your life.

Feng-shui teaches that the certain positioning of furniture and other items around your house can bring good luck and prosperity if they are positioned right.

The front door represents wealth, so if you want to invite prosperity, it should be kept in perfect condition and well-maintained at all times. Overall, keeping your house clutter-free, organized, and well-lit circulates positive energy and activates a beneficial chi, a flowing energy that brings vitality and fullness to your life.

To bring even more positive energy, invite spiritual beings like your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, fairies, and elves into your home! They can bring ethereal peace, healing, harmony, and protection, to any situation in your life, whether it’s your relationships or if you’re experiencing family problems.

If there are family problems within your home that prevent you from inviting positive energy, ask your Guides and Angels for spiritual guidance and to bring love and harmony back into your home. If you have a garden, keep it well maintained and ask the fairies and elves to live there and bring you more abundance and prosperity.

Your Spirit friends are more than happy to assist you, all you need to do is ask! They can help invite positive energy, so make them feel welcome and keep your home free from negativity.

Keeping positive energy within your home will possibly unlock all your hidden potentials you have within! Fill your home with good vibes and you will be instantly reenergized whenever you need it!

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