8 Unmistakable Signs You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

You’ve may have heard of spiritual awakenings and how they can enlighten and “wake up” someone. But what exactly is it and how do you know if you’re experiencing it?

If you have questions about a spiritual awakening, here’s how you can begin your journey to enlightenment.


What is Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and is talked about by a variety of cultures and religions around the world. Some call it “nirvana”, “enlightenment”, or “bliss”. It usually begins when a person decides to step back from their regular life and is “awakened” with a new sense of purpose and identity in the world.

Spiritual awakenings come with questions like, “Who am I? Why am I here?”. You suddenly get a certain element of wonder and excitement, finding yourself feeling very much alive.

This was popularized by the famed psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who described the process as “coming back to the original Self, rising to a higher state of human consciousness.”

But what exactly causes a spiritual awakening? Well, it can be triggered by anything! It can be a completely mundane process, while it can also be a life-altering experience. It can be spontaneous and out-of-the-blue, but it is mostly triggered by major life changes or traumas, such as life-threatening illnesses, accidents, mid-life crises, or other mental health issues.

That means a spiritual awakening can happen when you lose your job, move away from home, go through an accident or death of a loved one, meet your twin flame or soulmate, etc.

Ultimately, anything that encourages you or even forces you to look at your life from a more spiritual perspective can set you on a path toward a spiritual awakening.


Signs You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening


Here are 8 unmistakable signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or about to embark on one.


spiritual awakening

A shift in mindset is one of the earliest signs of spiritual awakening. You’re on your way to enlightenment if you’ve noticed your mentality gradually shift from being negative to positive.

1. Your mindset is transformed

One of the first signs of awakening is noticing. If you’ve noticed your mindset slowly transforming from negative to positive, you are on your way to enlightenment. You begin to recognize significant changes in the way you think and are able to hold on to your positive thoughts for long periods of time.

You experience a moment of clarity and slowly have a renewed perspective on life. Without being aware of it, you are no longer attached to negative energies and are automatically immune to them. Positivity just radiates out of you and you no longer pay attention to things that don’t serve a higher purpose.


2. You feel a sense of connection

You suddenly feel a vast connection with society and find yourself taking an interest in serving humanity. You realize that all human beings are interconnected and have an obligation to help and serve each other. Instead of judging other people, you consider their cultural and religious perspectives and respect them for their differences.

You also have an immediate connection with the planet and other creatures you share the planet with, making you conscious of your lifestyle, like consuming animal products or wasting natural resources. You come to a realization that destroying the environment is no longer an acceptable practice and it is your responsibility to do your part and take care of the planet.


3. You are synchronized with higher powers

You feel that the Universe is conspiring to make things happen. Your intuition is heightened to the point that you can see and decipher signs immediately. If you ask for guidance from higher powers, you just feel like you’re being led and protected by your Spirit Guides and Angels.

For example, you’re doubtful about what to do next and suddenly receive an out-of-the-blue offer that leads you to make connections that improve your life greatly. If a single random act has triggered a chain of events that felt like it was destiny, it’s a huge sign of spiritual awakening!


4. You find inner peace within yourself

When things go bad, you don’t go on an emotional roller coaster of anger or depression. You are capable of finding peace within yourself and you aren’t easily swayed by external triggers. The Dalai Lama describes inner peace as “like stubbing your toe”. You still feel an emotional charge, but you choose to flee. You choose to magnify positive emotions and put a blanket over negative ones.


5. You have increasing compassion

Your empathy for other people is increasing and you have a new perspective to feel what others are feeling. You try to “walk in their shoes” and empathize with whatever they are going through. People who are in the process of a spiritual awakening begin to notice a more all-encompassing empathy and more compassion that feels normal, natural, and fulfilling.

You start to forget your “Self” and your compassion for other people becomes more elevated. You become mindful of other’s presence, thoughts, and feelings, and you put their needs above your own.


6. You no longer fear death

All fear is really a fear of death, and all fear decreases when one becomes more awakened. You realize that death is only a reminder to focus on the present, stop worrying about the future, or regretting the past. The sooner you realize that death is inevitable and a part of life, you are removing fear and making room for more peace. You no longer feel connected to anything and you are freed from the cords of attachment. As they say, “Let go and let God.”


7. You are flourishing

Spiritually awakened people have a higher level of well-being and a more consistent mind-body connection. This translates to them being happier and healthier.

Flourishing doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is going right in your life. Your desire to find meaning and fulfillment within your own spirituality will become one of your biggest priorities, and this will eventually reflect outwardly. You will make a better life choice that results in improvements in your relationships, career, health, or finances. You start to feel like you’re in good hands and you’re well taken care of by the Universe.


8. You know your worth

You know you are created by the Universe for a higher purpose and everything else is temporary. You no longer define yourself by your societal worth, like the money you have, the car you drive, or the house you own. Throughout the years, you have carried beliefs about yourself that came from your parents or friends, but now the veil is lifted and you see beyond all of it. You have a moment of realization that life is beyond all material things and realize your worth is much more than what you think and own.

Spiritual awakenings come with patience, lots of trials and errors, and a great deal of time. It doesn’t just come when you’re ready or want it to come, but rather at the perfect time. Through these signs, you will know when you’re about to experience enlightenment.

To accelerate or assist your awakening, you can meditate more regularly and stay in tune with yourself and your intuition. Start practicing mindfulness, self-love, acceptance, and gratitude. Reconnect with nature and other people who are on the same journey as you. The sooner you learn to trust the Universe and realize your higher self, the sooner you will reach awakening!

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