How To Access Your Akashic Records Through Meditation

Akashic records

The first thing you need to do before accessing your Akashic Records is to cleanse yourself of negative energy.

Everyone wants answers in life. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Google search of your life that would guide you towards all the right paths and choices? Well, good news, there is!

Your Akashic Records is a spiritual library holding complete and detailed information about your life, from your past lives to future lives, along with every thought, emotion, and experience that has ever happened to your soul.

And you can access all this information through the power of meditation! But beware, there could be roadblocks that can block you from accessing it, and not everyone can do it all successfully on one try.

As a life path psychic, I’ve helped thousands of clients access their Akashic Records, and gave them the right answers and guidance they needed based on what their records say. If you want to start having access to your own records, let me teach you how!


What kind of information does your Akashic Records hold?


Besides having complete details of all your lifetimes, your Akashic Records is your ultimate guide towards the right path to take in life – whether it’s regarding your career, relationships, or finances. It also reveals full details about your love life – who your twin flame and soulmates are, and how you can meet them!

These records are 100% about you. They are a vast trove of information, wisdom, and insight. They say exactly who you are, the exact time your soul was created, what your life purpose and mission is in this lifetime, and all future possibilities the Universe will offer you. These records are your spiritual guidebook on what lessons you need to learn and everything you need that will support you in this present lifetime.


Who can access the Akashic Records?


Anyone can have the power to access their Akashic Records and you don’t necessarily have to be psychic, but the degree and amount of information you receive may vary based on your own personal psychic gifts.

Everyone has the ability to tap into their records, but people who are more spiritually attuned, like psychics and intuitives are more skilled and have higher chances of accessing these records seamlessly without distractions.

For a person with little to no experience in the spiritual realm, there could be a lot of obstacles and roadblocks that can restrict you from accessing your Akashic Records.

One example of an obstacle is disbelief. Some people are just not confident enough in their own abilities and they distrust the whole experience. They shy away and their internal feelings and thoughts, getting all stirred up, which potentially blocks them from having access to their records.

Before trying to access your Akashic Records, it’s best that you do some inner work and cleanse yourself of negative energy. Put your thoughts and emotions aside, surrender, and just allow Spirit to take over.


Steps to Access Your Akashic Records


Before getting started, here are a few reminders to keep in mind.


People who have successfully accessed their Akashic Records report that they experienced meeting Spirit Guides, Angels, and other spiritual beings. Some even experience seeing images, auditory messages, or “movies” of their past lives. When you access your own records, keep an open mind, as your experience may vary and will be unique to you.

If you’re a beginner, successfully accessing your records may not happen on the first attempt. It’s completely normal to spend weeks or months, or years before achieving success, so don’t get frustrated! Keep persisting, but don’t let your emotions cloud your head. Instead, approach this as spiritual play. It will happen when you’re truly ready and spiritually attuned.

Now that you have this information in mind, you’re ready to start accessing your Akashic Records! Simply follow these steps. 

1. Clearly define your intentions. If you’re a beginner and want to experience the realm of Akashic Records, keep that specific intention in mind.

2. Decide on what you really want to know. Do you have any specific questions to ask? Write them down and plan your questions in advance, so you won’t be all over the place when you meet your Spirit Guide.

3. When you’re ready, you need to go into a meditative state. Close your eyes, relax, and give yourself time to let your energy settle. Your mind must be completely calm, focused, and clear of negative thoughts. Stay in an open and receptive state, allowing spiritual information to enter your awareness.

4. Once you’re in a complete meditative state, ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for help and guidance. You may meet them visually or through auditory messages. Once you are connected with a spiritual being, whether you know them or not, ask for their name and clearly state your intention of seeing your Akashic Records.

5. Ask them to assist you, and that you be allowed to have access to your records, regarding the questions you have written down earlier. Depending on how seriously you want to see them, your guides may take you there.

6. Take time to record your own unique experience. It’s okay if you didn’t get access. As I said, it takes more than one attempt to get spiritually attuned. Even if you believe nothing happened, write down your impressions and thoughts as they may reveal more than you expected!

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