Love Psychic Advice To Tell If Someone Likes You

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A love psychic advice can help you determine if someone you like is really interested in you.

Some people find it difficult to tell if somebody likes them. No matter how much effort the other person puts into letting them know they are interested, they remain oblivious. Recognizing subtle hints is easy, but it goes way deeper than just eye contact, communication, or physical touch. The question is, are they really interested in you?


Tune In To The Energy


When you look at that special person, how do THEY make you feel? How do YOU make them feel? Are you sending out the right vibe and do they reciprocate?

Usually, when you’re in love, your aura changes color! Especially if you don’t have the words to express your true feelings, others can easily feel it. So, what do you feel when you look at your crush?

In a nutshell, all living things, including people, are surrounded by an energy field called the aura. It is an oval multi-layered energy field that can change colors depending on what you feel on the inside. So, if you’re unhappy or sad, your aura will appear dark or murky. But if you’re happy and in love, your aura will appear bright and rosy!

Your aura tells a lot of information about you. So, whatever is going on inside of you, it can be felt externally through your aura!

But can you see an aura?

If you have your third eye open or you have developed psychic abilities – like an empath, you will have no problem seeing auras. But if you’re a beginner, you can see auras too! To see your own aura, rub your hands together gently to stimulate the energy in your hands. Focus on your palms and see if they have color radiating out of them. You’ll see it better if you’re against a white wall. It takes a lot of practice, but you’ll get there! But sensing auras is easier.

If you’ve ever felt so attuned to a certain person that you just met like you’ve known them for a long time, or you immediately had an extreme dislike for a person seconds after meeting them, then you just sensed their aura! You can click here and schedule a session with me to get further training on seeing auras.

If you want to know if that special someone is into you, let their aura do all the talking! Do you see a bright rosy aura surrounding them? If so, they might actually feel the same way about you! If you sense an emotional connection, or you both reciprocate the same energy with each other, that’s also a huge sign that they’re into you!

They can also physically let you know through subtle cues, like making long eye contact, showing their interest through their words or facial gestures, or leaning into you and physically touching you. They make their time available to you and are eager to experience new things with you. If you both feel alive in each other’s presence, take that as a sign of affection and that you’re on the way to real romance!


Tap Into Your Own Psychic Ability


Besides tuning into their energy, another way you can find out if somebody is into you is by following your own intuition and tapping into your other psychic abilities.

Your intuition is a psychic gift given to you by the Universe that will help you receive messages from Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. It also acts as your built-in safety mechanism. So, if you do feel it in your gut that your crush feels the same way about you, chances are, it’s true!

An empath is so in tune with other people’s emotions that they can easily feel if somebody is into them. They can tell without a shadow of a doubt what the other person is feeling and can easily pick up on emotional and subconscious cues.

To know for sure if somebody likes you, a love psychic can access your Akashic Records and tell you if that person is in the cards for you or if you’re destined to be a couple. Your Akashic Records hold complete information about your life, from your past lives, soulmates, and who your real twin flame is. It will surely confirm your doubts and give you the clarity you need in helping your love life. If that person is within your records, it can also guide you to make the right steps to win them over!

If you need more love advice to tell if someone likes you, a love psychic is here to help! Through Tana’s love psychic readings, you will find the clarity you deserve in finding love. Get in touch for a love psychic reading and transform your love life today!


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Tana Hoy is The World’s Foremost Psychic who works with over 350 Spirit Helpers to deliver accurate psychic answers and guidance to clients. He has delivered thousands of confidential psychic readings by phone and psychic online readings. During your psychic readings with Tana, he can help you with anything you need guidance on – love, relationships, money, career, health, family, and your life purpose. With a 93% accuracy rate, Tana is considered the best psychic in the world today and can help you with the answers you need. All of his readings are 100% guaranteed! Get in touch with Tana today and get real psychic results that will change your life for the better!


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